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The glimpses of the campus of Thiruvalluvar University

Every effort is meticulously taken care of making the campus of Thiruvalluvar University to attain excellence in providing safety and security to academic community and public and creating eco-friendly ambience. This centre is committed to facilitate all-round activities such as academic, research, projects, planning, extra-curricular activities, and the physical development of this university.

The campus of Thiruvalluvar University has an enchanting landscape with institution of sweetness, light and sound scholarship. It has a sprawling campus, aesthetically appealing environment, massive buildings with architectural splendor, soothing verdure and litter-free atmosphere are the invaluable assets of this glorious university. In fact this eco-friendly campus would certainly leave a lasting impact on its students, faculty, employees and public. The campus has a well laid out garden of flowering plants, green trees and herbal plants. In keeping with the national policy of public health, the notion of “No Smoking Zone” , “Litter Free Zone” and “No Plastic Zone” have been put into the practice. Every step is being taken for making this campus clean and green by adhering to the international standards and accepted parameters. Best Swachh practices are adopted on the campus which could actually serve as models for other institutions to adopt. In the University departments, students are motivated and encouraged to keep abreast of swachh campus initiatives through multifarious awareness programmes. The Thiruvalluvar University is committed to the sustainable use of resources on campus and responsible management of waste through Swachh policies of Sanitation and Hygiene, Water Resource Management, Rain water harvesting, Waste management, Solar Energy conservation, Green campus and student activity policies on the campus.

The campus of Thiruvalluvar University is featured with the basic facilities such as clean and functional toilets, safe drinking water (RO), clean surroundings and basic sensitization on sanitation and hygiene which create a conducive atmosphere of securing human dignity, safety, health and overall well-being of the students, staff and public. The very physical appearance of Thiruvalluvar university’s buildings, canopies, lawns, pathways, roads and greenery stands as testimony for its cleanliness. In terms of safety and security, the Thiruvalluvar University is pioneer in safeguarding its rare medicinal value herbal gardens. Especially security personnel are vigilant enough to screen visitors in order to make this campus as free from the untoward incidents and unlawful happenings. As this university in its nascent stage housed only with 10 university departments, by 2030, Thiruvalluvar University will be glittering in the academic world with its impeccable contribution to the realm of research and its endeavor. And academic community from around the globe will visit Thiruvalluvar University and find a new vibrant academic community with astonishing research caliber.

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