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Controller of Examination


Controller of Examinations (FAC)

Thiruvalluvar University
Serkkadu, Vellore – 632 115

Tel: 0416 – 2274766
Fax: 0416 – 2274702

The Office of the Controller of Examinations is responsible for the preparation, scheduling and conduct of the semester Examinations for all the programmes offered by the university. It also facilitates the Central Valuation of answer scripts and the timely publication of Results.

The other responsibilities are:
@ Issuance of marks statement, consolidates statement of marks and provisional certificates
@ Preparation of Degree certificates
@ The issue of Transcripts
@ Preparation of Rank list / list of Gold medalists
@ Providing Genuineness / Verification of services to various stakeholders such as Government authorities, Corporate bodies and educational Institutions
@ Facilitating paper photocopies and Revaluation processes
@ Arranging for pre and post auditing of question papers and answer booklets by both internal and external subject experts
@ The issue of Duplicate certificates


  • Thiruvalluvar University
    Serkadu, Vellore, Tamil Nadu - 632 115, India.
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தினம் ஒரு குறள்

அதிகாரம்:அதிகாரம்:53 (சுற்றந்தழால்)

குறள் பால்: பொருட்பால்


1.பற்றற்ற கண்ணும் பழைமைபா ராட்டுதல்
சுற்றத்தார் கண்ணே உள.


ஒருவன் வறியவனான காலத்திலும் அவனுக்கும் தமக்கும் இருந்த உறவைப் பாராட்டிப் பேசும் பண்புகள் சுற்றத்தாரிடம் உண்டு.

Daily Thirukural

Chapter:53(Embracing the kin)

Kural Paul: Wealth


1.When wealth is fled, old kindness still to show,
Is kindly grace that only kinsmen know.


Even when (a man's) property is all gone, relatives will act towards him with their accustomed