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Centre for Outreach

The University departments carry out a range of outreach activities with the Educational, Research and Industrial Organizations for the developmental activities. These activities are carried out by signing MoUs with the organizations for resource sharing and collaborative programmes.

The objectives of the Centre for Outreach include the following:

To facilitate the enrichment of curriculum by way of obtaining inputs from faculty of other institutions and organizations across the country and abroad. To provide academic interaction by developing tailor made courses that suit to the current requirements of the region under the jurisdiction of Thiruvalluvar University. To provide necessary support for establishment and assistance in development of e-classroom, Curriculum design, establishment of educational research labs and training for both staff and students. To develop instructional resource material for the courses with the inputs from various other institutions and organizations for updated knowledge in the respective fields. To facilitate a continuing Quality Improvement Programme to improve the quality of teaching / learning process using ICT.

To provide internship to students enables them to have hands on training and exposure to the industry thereby ensuring their job opportunities after completion of these programmes. To provide necessary support in organizing Workshops/ Conferences / Seminars for the discrimination of knowledge in the field of research and teaching thereby enabling the University to rise up to the global standards. To engage in designing and conducting faculty development programme on pedagogy and teaching mythologies so as to create an impact among students to take up research as a career and to develop the requisite skills essential for employment. To provide the research scholars an opportunity to undertake hands on research training in various advanced research related techniques by way of using the resources available in various other institutions and organizations to complement their research activities in Thiruvalluvar University.

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