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Centre for Planning and Development

Dr. J. Madhavan

Associate Professor & Director i/c

The Centre for Planning and Development has been created to monitor and co-ordinate the planning and development activities of Thiruvalluvar University. The Centre for planning and development has been entrusted with the task of identifying the various sources of funding. The Centre takes up the task of obtaining grants from State Government and Central Government for the infrastructural development in research promotional schemes such as 110 announcement of State Governments, Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiative Scheme (TANII), RHUSA, FIST, SAP and so on.

The Centre helps in the preparation of project proposals and to forward the Research proposal to CSIR, UGC, DST, DBT, DAE and other funding agencies as per the Thiruvalluvar University Policy for Sponsored Research Projects and Consultation works. The Centre liaisons with industries to obtain funds through Corporate Social Responbilities (CSR). The Centre takes up the task of identifying the Alumnii who can support the University with funds.

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