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Mission of the University

  • To provide quality Higher Education, by Teaching, Research & Extension.
  • To provide quality education to the rural marginalized, down trodden strata of the society.
  • To encourage a stimulating environment and sustainable growth.
  • To foster integrated Development and make the people conscious of their commitment to the Society.
  • To train the students to meet the global challenges
  • To provide wide opportunities to women in order to prepare them to be effective leaders.


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தினம் ஒரு குறள்

அதிகாரம்:50 (இடனறிதல்)

குறள் பால்: பொருட்பால்


1. தொடங்கற்க எவ்வினையும் எள்ளற்க முற்றும்
இடங்கண்ட பின்அல் லது.


முற்றுகை செய்வதற்கு ஏற்ற இடத்தைக் கண்டபின் அல்லாமல் எச் செயலையும் தொடங்கக்கூடாது, பகைவரை இகழவும் கூடாது.

Daily Thirukural

Chapter:50 (Knowing the Place)

Kural Paul: porul


1. Begin no work of war, depise no foe,
Till place where you can wholly circumvent you know.


Let not (a king) despise (an enemy), nor undertake any thing (against him), until he has obtained (a suitable) place for besieging him.